Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sandpiper by Mavis Gulliver

She is a speckle of feathers
dappled by shadows
of overhanging grasses,
the only give-away
her black bead eye watching,
Approach too close
and she’s a flicker of wings,
a smooth arc swinging over water.
When she lands her legs are springs.
She’s a bob, a curtsey,
and a long rippling whistle.
Her nest is a treasure chest,
her eggs satin-glossed, ink sploshed,
smooth as pearls.
On the day her first chick hatches
she’s a demon, a vertical flight
of panic-stricken fluttering,
a crescendo
of frantic warning cries.

Mavis Gulliver, Scotland


Karen said...

This is lovely, lovely.

Andrea McBride said...

What beautiful sound and description. Love every line.

Mr.Mistoffoles said...

I love how describe the sandpiper. it is very lovely.