Sunday, 18 March 2012

Water by Ameerah Arjanee

I do not know your name,
only know that you are a
small drop of water bearing
an iota of life, and that we are
the same, our shoulders
momentarily blending into
each other as we flow

That knowledge is enough
to move a river.

Ameerah Arjanee, Mauritius


Anonymous said...

A lovely sentiment.

Carol Steel said...

Reverberates within me. Thank you.

Zeebs said...

Very deep.

Karen said...


Mr.Mistoffoles said...

That is an amazing poem. God has given you a talent. :)

Mr.Mistoffoles said...

I read this poem once(or more) every week since I have found it. :)
it gets me thinking :)

Amra said...

One of the best things I've ever read An amazing poem, thank you!