Friday, 24 February 2012

Blue Heron by Karen Nowviskie

Every year, he returns, the old man,
Solitary, silent.
Just when you've forgotten he exists,
He's in the corner of your eye,
Houdini in grey cape,
Somber, regal, and forbidding.
He appears and we hold our breath,
Whisper to the children,
"Come and see."
A day or two he lingers by the water,
Head down, arms behind his back,
Lost in thought or memory
Of glory in the sun.
Sometimes, his long neck leads
As if he's moving toward the finale
And wherever it is he goes
When he lifts his cape and disappears.

Karen Nowviskie, West Virginia, USA


Anonymous said...

Beautiful....I can see the "old man".

Carol Steel said...

I like the way the images work in this. And the analogy to a magician is lovely.

James said...


Julia C. said...

I loved this poem!

Beth said...


The Girl with One Painted Nail said...

Hey, just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog! You have some BEAUTIFUL poetry on here, can't wait to see more! Feel free to check out my blog, I'm fairly new to blogging :)