Monday, 21 February 2011

Crazy Crow by Joseph Harker

what would possess him
to make a stage of the driveway
for his encrypted hopskip in
three-eight time–

some urgent fire is
smoldering under those
ruffled India ink shoulders

for perhaps he mourns
the loss of a secret magic
with words that are almost
forgotten language–

the depths of his eye
in turn reflect the beholder’s
like two mirrors face-to-face

Joseph Harker


CMDoran said...

"encrypted hopskip in 3/8 time" I love it...the personality of a crow to literary music. thanks for writing, I really enjoyed it, and will reread it many times.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff! Especially the last stanza - there is something very existential about the crow I think.

Funny pictures said...

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Carol Steel said...

I love this...secret magic with words

Joseph Harker is amazing!