Sunday, 7 November 2010

Moon lines by Rachel Fox

The moon will get more blurred, not less
And more and more I'll look in vain
For edges
And reasons

Old errors lose their lines and shapes
Leave flashes, not whole cycles
There are peaks
And troughs

I see how all is blending thick
Mixing, slurring, soup-of-lifeing
Is it done yet?
Is it right?

I stir, I eat, I look, I sleep
I dream of moons that fill the sky
With brightness
With courage

Rachel Fox, Scotland


Crafty Green Poet said...

Born and raised in the North of England, Rachel Fox now lives on the Angus coast in Scotland. After school she studied languages and then proceeded to work in a random series of jobs (with lots of no-job breaks in between). She has worked in advertising , market research, retail, education, journalism and as a DJ in a lot of sweaty nightclubs. Currently she works at home looking after the family and writing. She has written poems since about 1997 and been telling people about it since about 2003. She has published poetry postcards and reads her poems in public regularly, most often at the Folk Club in Montrose. Always a huge music fan, some of her poems have been turned into songs with tunes and they often form part of the performance somehow or other. Her first book 'More about the song' was published in 2008.
Her website is

Errant said...

Nice poem
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Gordon Mason said...

I enjoyed the power of the words, but also the shape of the poem as moons change shape.

Marion McCready said...

Nicely done, I love the concept of 'moon lines'.