Monday, 6 September 2010

Outside by Chris Crittenden

pain melts
into the yellow of the sun.
the birds, too, are flames
and grass in the wind
supple wicks.

everywhere movement.
branches bob like cello bows.
wind hums across lindens
as if waking bassoons.

meadow golds
blur into festivals that could be.
the sky blooms into bees and flits,
each humming a line
in a polyglot play.

tragedies come and go.
romances upend.
what we thought were last acts
prove the dearest creations.

Chris Crittenden, Maine, USA


Tammie Lee said...

how very beautiful~

Karen said...

Beautiful language and imagery.

Amanda said...

I love the overlay of emotion, nature, and theater. And so much wisdom - "pain melts/...what we thought were last acts/prove dearest creations."