Monday, 21 December 2009

How an Egret Saved Me by Chris Alba

I lay prostrate on the couch & worried & worried
The newspaper scattered like leaves around my bier
The syllables of war trip over the tongue like poetry
Afghaniraq darfuristan & the birds are fluttering
Into extinction In the latter days the seas arise
My aunt says God is coming soon but where is he
Where is his sign I’ve lost you to the television
& the latest tennis match among the titans
Worried & worried until I saw the water’s reflection
On the wall there A dancing curvature of light
& through the glass I saw the egret winging past
The long white neck folded & long dark legs folded
Trimly as a package born aloft on broad white wings
A love letter airmailed from a distant God

Chris Alba, California, USA


Crafty Green Poet said...

Chris Alba lives in California on the Central Coast.

Karen said...

Chris Alba is one of the most talented poets I've found on the blogs. She can write about anything.

In this poem, the image of the egret beautifully portrays the promise that we can be redeemed. Finding that in nature rather than in man is a good reminder of what we should be caring for and about.

Tall Kay said...

Chris has an amazing talent in her poetry! Thank you so much for sharing her beautiful work!

Brian Miller said...

beautiful verse chris...i think we have all had those questions, yet miss the ansnwers as they wing glad you saw the answer.

Kat Mortensen said...

This one is really amazing, Chris. I'm a big fan of yours, as you know, but I won't soon forget the images of the bier, and the airmailed egret.

Well done, my friend!

the walking man said...

Well said Chris. The reminders come from the best of places.

Julie said...

Here is another fan raising her hand to say yes! What a beautiful poem. Chris, you are amazing. The lines sing!

Syd said...

Beautiful Chris. I see egrets every day and they are magnificent.

Ana said...

love the first line of this poem...and the sens of urgency it holds over the whole poem.