Saturday, 14 February 2009

Over Weekend Washed Cobbles by Dave Lewis

Over weekend washed cobbles
.....dawn damp beer brown
...coughing men trudge
back to hell

oblivious to the velvet hills
..where flowers salsa and sing
....the cough gets worse
......through sugar-lonely tea

now time has seen enough
..injects sunshine - brief like heroin cut diamond sharp
..and wash away pebbled-dashed bones

while Mammy’s shoes
....tap-dance on and on
..‘till photographs rot
out of children’s memories

Dave Lewis, Wales, UK


Gordon Mason said...

Great images here. I like how the wash goes on throughout and ends in the rot of the photos.

Anonymous said...

I think the first stanza captures very well the drudgery and wastefulness of our - what? - industrial and post-industrial world.

Anonymous said...

Hi both

Thanks very much :) Glad you liked. I just tried to capture the hopelessness of the working man - worked into the ground until the cancer from factory processes kills them off.

New competition launching Sunday!

Cheers Dave

Anonymous said...

Just published my first book


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