Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sepia & Song by Gloria Wimberley

Sepia seeping
into the Perfect Picture
but there's no camera around
to capture our gentle swaying
in the kitchen
or her baby head lying warmly on my shoulder
or my arms enveloping her lovingly

as I mint in my weary mind this
mother-daughter moment...
(Plaintive Scottish fiddle-song on the radio)
hugs us parenthetically
as we continue swaying silently as one
her tears long since dried; her eyes long since closed
her long, dark eyelashes are doll perfection
As the song lilts to an end, my own eyes are moist;
I'm wishing with a mother's wistfulness
that the permanence of sepia could seep in
seal us / bond us in wordless bliss
for a lifetime of refrains, not bridges

Gloria Wimberley, Florida, USA


Crafty Green Poet said...

Originally from the state of West Virginia, Gloria Wimberley is a poet-mother-wife who now lives in South Florida. She holds an MA in English and has taught at colleges in Virginia and Florida. Her work has appeared in New Zealand's
Southern Ocean Review, Tapestry, The Northern Virginia Review, and others. Recently, she read one of her poems on the internet radio show The Empowered Mother based in Santa Barbara, California.

paisley said...

that was breathtaking.. thank you so much for sharing it....

Fireblossom said...


Anonymous said...

Gloria~ your poem captured my exact thoughts I've held so many times while caring for my baby. She is twelve now and I can still remember how I felt while rocking her to sleep. Those are precious moments never to leave us. BEAUTIFUL POEM!! BRAVO!!! Lanna

Anonymous said...

Gloria, your poem brought back so many memories of dancing and rocking my children when they were small. Sometimes when we don't have the sepia images, words will do. Thank you.

Leigh Russell said...

This brings back memories.

Tina Trivett said...

I have swayed with my own 4, and now dance with my granddaughter.

You've perfectly captured the tender moments that we mothers cherish. Simply beautiful.

WH said...

Gloria, I can tell from this single poem that you are quite accomplished asa poet. This is beautifully written. As a former Mr. Mom who is now suffering from the empty nest, I can identify fully with the ending of your poem.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem... both parents
and non-parents can relate to it.

~Best, Cadence