Friday, 14 December 2007

Caricature Of An Early Planter by Michael Lee Johnson

(Edmonton, Alberta Canada)

He is a gardener
with a spyglass.
With an ice pick
cavities are chopped
out of the earths torpid
mouth, dry seeds are packed
in with frostbitten fingertips.
He rakes his yard clear
of all snow in winter
so green blades of grass
will pop through frozen
He will weed, thin his garden early.
He is a realist; he writes poetry also.

Michael Lee Johnson, Chicago, USA


Crafty Green Poet said...

Michael Lee Johnson lives in Itasca, IL. after spending 10 years
in Edmonton, Alberta Canada during the Vietnam War era. He is a
freelance writer and poet. He has been published in USA, Canada,
New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Turkey, Fuji, Nigeria, India,
United Kingdom, Thailand, and Malaysia. Michael Lee
Johnson is a member of Poets & Writers, Inc and Directory of American
Poets & Fictions Writers: He is a member of The
Illinois Authors Directory. Illinois Center for the Book:
He has published 145 poems in 2007 to date. He is the author of: The
Lost American: From Exile to Freedom.
The book is also listed at, & Barnes & Noble. Visit his
website at: He edits Poetic Legacy, http://www.poetriclegacy.mysite.comand
Birds By My Window: Willow Tree Poems at

Anonymous said...

I must say that this poem has moved me. It is not often that you find such careful and able use of such strong imagery.

Jo said...


Tina Trivett said...

Lovely Michael..shows great faith.