Sunday, 16 July 2006

Arboles / Tree Cycle by Eugenia Andino

El cielo pesa el doble,
La lluvia es el doble de gris
cuando llueve sobre las palmeras.

The sky is twice as heavy,
Rain is twice as grey,
when it falls on the palm trees.

Sólo falta un tono de verde en Cornell:
Plata mate del olivo.

The only shade of green Cornell misses:
Dull silver of olive trees.

Una llama, fuegos artificiales,
Abanicos rojos, una sorpresa.
Una platanera en un jardín.

A flame, a firework,
Red fans, a surprise.
Banana tree in a garden

La mece el aire,
jacaranda plumosa.
Sueña que es pájaro

Swaying in the breeze,
Feather-leaved jacaranda:
it dreams it's a bird.

En estas calles mías
los ginkgos extienden sus ramas.
me saludan, estos amigos míos,
elegantes damas con abanicos,
niños que quieren abrazos.

Along my streets,
The ginkgoes spread their branches.
They greet me, my friends,
Elegant ladies with fans.
Children throwing arms for hugs.

Eugenia Andino, Seville, Spain.
Translated by the author.


Juliet Wilson said...

A lovely series of descriptive poems.....

Nia said...

Juliet, sweetie, thanks a lot for the link, but it's broken. Without the www it takes you to my host, not to my site.

Juliet Wilson said...

HI Nia, thanks for pointing that out! It's fixed now!

Anna Piutti said...

How beautiful!

faustina said...

really lovely peoms. very descriptive. I really like all of them.

BondBloke said...

Very beautiful indeed...